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About Us.

Welcome to Kinder Prep Learning Center, a family owned and operated Preschool   

“Where Minds Grow and Imaginations Soar”.

Our mission is focused on building a solid foundation for your child’s big imagination in an environment that is safe, friendly, and engaging. Our focus is the children of our future.  Our interactions today strive to make a difference for their tomorrow.


We provide healthy, age-appropriate developmental curriculum at each stage of your child’s learning experience while emphasizing education through imagination and creativity. Our program is designed to keep your child engaged as he or she absorbs new knowledge and life skills.

Our teachers put the children first. We value the bond children, and their guardians form with our teachers through continual education. It is our goal to bind a child’s support system into a cohesive unit, solidifying a sense of family and community. While attending KPLC you will know your child is at their second home.

Our teachers are multi-faceted and have experience in different forms of curriculum which we utilize to foster learning through creativity and imagination. Each teacher develops a rotating curriculum, ensuring every interaction generates a learning opportunity for our students.

Our classrooms offer an environment that is nature themed and community driven. Children will be immersed in purposeful activities, tactfully designed to strengthen skills needed for everyday life. The atmosphere engages children in real world learning experiences with materials found in daily routines.


Welcome to the KPLC Family!

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