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Hear From Our Families.

Jenna B.

Katarina S.

Ashlyn A.

This is hands down the best learning center there is! My son had come from a daycare where he was not learning good behavior or on a curriculum. Within a week, his speech and behavior had improved tremendously! He is happy when we drop him off, and clean and ready when we pick him up. He’s always changed, face and clothes always clean, and also has every article of clothing with him that he left home with. He has a ton of friends who are excited to see him every morning. They also offer a curriculum for the toddler class, where they are working on speech, motor skills, organization, shapes, colors, and most anything you can think of.

And all of his teachers are amazing! They are the sweetest, kindest ladies there are. I am very close with all of them now. They all know my sons name, interests, comforts, and allergies. It’s never a dull day there. They always switch up learning activities so the kids don’t get bored. I could go on and on for forever about my love for these ladies and this center!

This is seriously the best state certified daycare! The little 2 year old we have going loves it! She learns so much day to day. She's learning more than just counting and drawing she's getting to learn her social skills way faster with kids her own age. That and they give the kids well balanced meals and snacks through out the day. They have done far more than what they've had to do for me and my family. They work really well with co-parenting situations even at the worst of times but still keep it professional on both sides. And if you are concerned about the care of your kids they monitor anything that looks bad from diaper rash to goose eggs. If there's an opening it's worth everything to enroll your children.

My daughter has been going here since she was 4 and she's going to be 6 soon! Kinder Prep is literally the best! With teachers who are super friendly and are SAINTS for going through what they go through daily and STILL having as much patience as they do.

They have curriculum and fun events for the children, like gymnastics. Definitely THE BEST care center and learning facility for young ages.

You have to have a big heart to teach little minds. And EVERY teacher here has a giant heart! Thank you everyone!!

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